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Speed Bump Installation

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Speed bumps are integral components of any well-planned parking lot, often taken for granted until their absence leads to a near-miss or an unfortunate accident. As a necessity for effective speed management, they ensure the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles.

At Premier Parking Lot Maintenance, we specialize in Indianapolis speed bump installation, offering a comprehensive service that promotes safety and contributes to the smooth functioning of your parking lot.

These essential features, whether made of rubber or concrete, compel drivers to slow down, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the security of pedestrians and vehicles alike. We understand their value and the substantial difference they can make in any parking lot. Our comprehensive speed bump installation and maintenance services ensure they continue to serve their purpose, maintaining a safe parking lot.

What are the different kinds of speed bumps?

Speed bumps come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, each with unique features for different scenarios. Here at Premier Parking Lot Maintenance, we provide installation and maintenance services for a wide variety of speed bumps, including:

Rubber Speed Bumps: These are known for their durability and weather resistance. Rubber speed bumps are often used in residential areas and parking lots due to their lower impact on vehicles.

Asphalt Speed Bumps: They’re commonly found in commercial and industrial areas. Their construction is typically more substantial and offers an effective speed deterrent.

Plastic Speed Bumps: Lighter and often brightly colored plastic speed bumps provide high visibility. They are usually hollow, which makes them less harmful to vehicles’ suspensions. They are an excellent choice for temporary installations or areas with lighter traffic.

Understanding the unique demands of your space, we at Premier Parking Lot Maintenance can guide you in selecting and installing the most suitable type of speed bump for your needs.

How are asphalt speed bumps installed?

Installing asphalt speed bumps involves a process that demands precision and knowledge, ensuring an effective speed deterrent and a bump that will last and withstand various weather conditions. At Premier Parking Lot Maintenance, we adhere to a methodical process:

1. Site Evaluation and Preparation: We first inspect the intended location for the speed bump to ensure it’s suitable. This includes assessing the current asphalt condition, identifying any drainage issues, and determining the optimal speed bump placement for effective traffic control.

2. Marking: Once the location is finalized, we mark the area where the speed bump will be installed. We carefully measure and mark the width and height to comply with standard safety regulations.

3. Asphalt Cutting and Removal: After marking the area, the asphalt within the marked region is cut and removed to create space for the speed bump.

4. Adding and Shaping the Asphalt: Fresh hot asphalt is added to the cleared space. We shape the asphalt into a bump, ensuring it has the right height and width. The sides are tapered off to prevent any damage to vehicles’ tires.

5. Compacting: The asphalt is then compacted using a roller or plate compactor to ensure it’s hard and secure.

6. Cooling and Finishing: After compacting, the speed bump is allowed to cool. It may then be painted with high visibility paint or marked with reflective tape to ensure drivers can see it clearly, especially at night.

At Premier Parking Lot Maintenance, we ensure that our work meets local codes and industry best practices. Our team of experts is committed to delivering the highest quality of service for our Indianapolis community.

At Premier Parking Lot Maintenance, we take pride in enhancing the safety and efficiency of your parking lot spaces.

We recognize that every small detail matters – from the type of speed bump best suited for your needs to its careful and professional installation. By choosing us, you’re not only opting for exceptional service, but you’re also investing in the safety and longevity of your parking lot.

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